One Dalkeith the story so far

One Dalkeith was created by community members from every part of Dalkeith coming together with a desire to make our town centre a thriving hub of community life.   The heart of any process of forming a community-led organisation is conversation.   This dialogue is ongoing and continues to explore what Dalkeith Town Centre could be like and how our community Development Trust can be used to enhance community life.

In 2015 Dalkeith’s two local community councils (‘Dalkeith & District’ and ‘Eskbank & Newbattle’) held a joint public meeting to explore what people from all of Dalkeith’s communities wanted for the town.   The community said Dalkeith needed:

  • An improved Town Centre
  • Community facilities             
  • Community cohesion (bringing people from all parts of Dalkeith together)

Community members held a further public meeting to explore what sort of organisation could best achieve these goals.   It was decided to set up a Development Trust for Dalkeith.

A Development Trust is a community-led and owned organisation, which combines community-led action with an enterprising approach.   When run successfully, Development Trusts are very effective at helping communities to bring about social, economic and environmental regeneration, creating wealth in communities and keeping it there.

To identify clear aims and activities community members decided to:

  • Have a broad conversation to establish community needs
  • Take professional advice
  • Meet with people who have set up development trusts
  • …and whenever possible – Take a fun approach to community engagement

Community members chose the name ‘One Dalkeith’ to highlight that the many different areas of Dalkeith make up one community.