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Public Meeting 4  (2 May 2018)  One Dalkeith’s Launch Event

All welcome at One Dalkeith’s Launch Event – 6.30pm for 7pm, St John’s & Kings Park Church

Well Done Dalkeith

Public Meeting 3  (9 Nov 2015)  Proposals Presented

Public Meeting 3 Poster


The ‘One Dalkeith’ steering group presented proposals to proceed with incorporation of a development trust based around themes emerging from the initial public meetings.

Various questions were posed under 6 themes:

Facilities and Services
Civic Centre
Community Cohesion
Fundraising and enterprise
Engagement (consultation and partnerships
Ideas (anything not covered above)


Facilities – Inclusive – all ages & abilities; central, affordable, accessible, attractive, within walking distance; suitable for performances, community cafe, meetings, leisure, exhibitions, sale of work; an info point.

Central Dalkeith to be green, welcoming, attractive with community facilities

Community cohesion – chance to share interests & talents with others; generate interest from local talent; together care for & tidy the natural environment

Funding from – community initiatives, funding sources, individuals; green energy; skills/ talents/cultural/facilities audit.

Engage with residents, schools, businesses, third sector, clubs, churches, local groups, council.

Improve pathways / cycle network

Based on public mandate, the steering group decided to form a development trust for Dalkeith. The steering group then began a comprehensive engagement & consultation process to determine the content of an Action Plan.

Public Meeting 2  (2 Jun 2015)  A Visioning Exercise

Public Meeting 2 Poster


The meeting was a visioning exercise held by the joint working group of the two community councils.

Discussion Themes: 

  • The multiple identities in Dalkeith
  • The town centre
  • Community goals
  • What type of organisation would be appropriate to pursue these – a development trust was suggested.
  • The aims and objectives of a development trust for Dalkeith
  • The strategy for forming a development trust


  • There was an expressed desire for greater community cohesion
  • The suggestion of a development trust was warmly received

Community goals included:

  • Space for performances, group meetings, activities
  • Community owned facilities
  • Timeless design of a civic centre
  • A place to be proud of with its own identity, character, history
  • Public involvement and more community say in town decisions

Development trust aims included:

  • Connect people / community, reduce social isolation
  • Enhance natural environment
  • Be proactive, innovate, funded

Strategy for Development Trust set up:

  • Consult to establish community needs
  • Get professional advice
  • Link with other DTs / projects for ideas, advice, case studies
  • A fun approach to engagement

What happened next?

Community members from the public meeting & the joint working group of the 2 community councils formed into a steering group, purposed to set up a new development trust. 

The steering group arranged for DTAS and Neilston Development Trust to speak at the next public meeting.The name ‘One Dalkeith’ reflects the community’s desire for greater community cohesion.

Public Meeting 1  (2 Feb 2015)  A Joint Exploration


The two local community councils – ‘Dalkeith & District’ and ‘Eskbank & Newbattle’ formed a joint working group to hold this meeting.  

Discussion Themes:

  • Do we want a community hub?
  • What would that be?


Three themes came out of this event and were the initial driving force behind One Dalkeith:

  • Community Facilities
  • Town Centre
  • Community Cohesion

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