We encourage each other to ‘follow your joy’ and…

…create new projects…

…meet new people…

…join-in with running the organisation…

One Dalkeith belongs to the local community and there is a place for everyone to be involved.  

People may want to share their time, skills, expertise, interests, energy and ideas towards local projects that help the community.  

We are all encouraged to “follow your joy” and “Gaun yersel” and join whichever of One Dalkeith’s projects we find most interesting.   This can be as many or as few as we wish, and to whatever extent we are able.

Members can contribute to running One Dalkeith via the AGM, other general meetings and at informal engagement events.   To ensure that One Dalkeith is accountable, members will elect a board.   Anyone who is a voting member of One Dalkeith may be elected to the board.   One Dalkeith’s board will make sure One Dalkeith is run effectively and legally.

Above all, joining One Dalkeith is a chance to meet other local people and for us to work together as a community to make Dalkeith an even better place to live.

“We are all surrounded by strangers who could so easily be friends, but we appear to lack cultural permission not merely to ‘connect’ – the opium of cyberspace – but to deeply empathise and care.”

Jonathan Rowson

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One Dalkeith is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) No. SC048018