Aim: To enhance biodiversity and the natural environment

Improve community spaces

The community conversation revealed that local people hugely value Dalkeith’s land, natural heritage, green spaces and the species we share these with.  

There is a community desire for improved green space – centrally and throughout the wider Dalkeith area.  

This includes community gardens, parks, sensory gardens and herb and vegetable plots.   People want to be able to pick and eat fruit when walking between areas of Dalkeith.



Litter-pick and fruit-planting based activities


Local people said they wanted community activities where people get together over a shared love and concern for the local environment.  

One Dalkeith will organise litter picking, fruit planting and “guerrilla gardening”; sometimes adding in cultural activities like storytelling, outdoor play, nature crafts, education, imaginative activities and eating and drinking outdoors.  

People said they value community outdoor activities for being social and creating a sense of wellbeing.



Increase biodiversity and restore habitats / ecosystems


The community conversation showed that local people want our local natural environment to be healthy for all native species.   Community action to look after and know about what different species need will develop a deeper relationship with the wild world and help with habitat creation and restoration.   Community members said they wanted a clean environment: including clean woodland, parkland, rivers and burns and clean water and air.   A long term goal to have salmon coming up the river again will require collaboration with communities and businesses both up and downstream of Dalkeith. In addition to creating a healthy environment for future generations, community members wanted to increase and protect local biodiversity now, for example by cleaning the river, planting for bees and butterflies, and making gardens and neighbourhoods hedgehog friendly.

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