Aim: To enhance the provision of community facilities in Dalkeith


Pursue improved access to and availability of existing facilities


Explore community management
and/or ownership of a facility

Build consensus on uses for a centrally-located multi-purpose facility


Community facilities were one of the key initial themes for One Dalkeith, beginning with the Advertiser’s campaign for a “Hub”, which showed the community’s strong desire for a large community facility to service the whole town. 

It is clear that such a facility should be owned and run by the community, so One Dalkeith will explore models for this, alongside continuing to build consensus on what any new building should accommodate. 

In the meantime, the key objective is to make the most of existing facilities, addressing how they are managed to improve access and availability.  Particular interest has been shown in the Arts Centre, so One Dalkeith will continue to make use of it and explore how to make it more readily available for the community.  

People have also made clear that a High Street presence for One Dalkeith would be welcome.

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