Aim: To enhance local arts, culture and heritage

Virtual Arts Programme

Visual Arts Programme

During One Dalkeith’s consultation process, the community made it clear that they wanted a number of events to cover various art forms.

Right now, as a community, we are unable to get together to share these events and get together’s physically, so One Dalkeith’s events programme is going digital.

Some events in progress are a virtual quiz, virtual cinema and challenges to get the kids involved too.

Remember, you can still fill in our lockdown journal for sharing once lockdown is over.

Wicked Women of Dalkeith

Wicked Women of Dalkeith

One a weekly basis, One Dalkeith will delve into the archives to bring you some of the most interesting stories about the Wicked Women of Dalkeith.

This has provided our local community a real focal point of learning about how women were portrayed in history and on the doorstep of us all.

Once a week, Lady Anne Kerr will pull together a further story from the past, bringing it to life for all to see.

You can catch up on the published stories here.

History of Dalkeith

One Dalkeith will, once a week share stories of the past, choosing locations from throughout the local community to provide our local community with information and stories that show the history of that location.

One Dalkeith’s very own, Rae McGhee will take us on a journey into history, explaining how different buildings and locations are important to living in the past in the local community.

You can catch up on the stories to date here.


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