Aim: To enhance our Town Centre

Conserve, restore and enhance Dalkeith’s historic streetscapes and built heritage

In widespread community conversation, Dalkeith townspeople remarked on the past, present and future of our town centre.   The much admired old High Street retains the grandeur of an old market town.   Conservation, restoration and maintenance of the High Street and our other built heritage will carry the story of the town to future generations.   It is observed that vacant shop fronts detract from the heritage of the town.   People therefore wish to see these premises re-commissioned.   This would help ensure that Dalkeith has “a diverse and vibrant scene” – the modern phrasing of the timeless value of one’s town centre being a thriving hub of community life.   People said they wanted more variety and greater diversity in shops, jobs, services and opportunities. 

Improve the general appearance of the existing town centre and develop open space with mature trees and flowers

Community members wanted the existing Jarnac Court, Eskdaill Court, White Hart Street, the Town Centre and surrounding areas to be clean, tidy, welcoming and attractive places.   People said that open spaces, green plantings and mature trees were specific features of Dalkeith’s courtyards and townscape that make them more enjoyable places to be.   Therefore, consideration should be given to creating green spaces where existing mature trees will be preserved and new planting can be designed to allow mature trees to develop. 

Work in partnership with the Council on the design of the town centre, including on the provision of central community facilities

People said that the community should be a partner in the planning of any proposed new Town Centre.   There was a strength of feeling that community facilities should be at the centre of the town for any town centre regeneration to be successful.   This would create a civic heart for social, community and cultural activities.   Overall, the Town Centre should be a multi-functional urban centre providing a sense of place, a sense of home and evoking a sense of belonging for the people of Dalkeith.   Dalkeith is a centre for Midlothian as a whole – a successful regeneration of the County Town would therefore be beneficial for all of Midlothian.